Local Search Marketing

Better Local Visibility Needs Local Search Marketing

It’s our mission to help you get more local customers: More Visibility and More Customers

People no longer use the phone book to find a business. Instead, people are search online for information about local businesses. As a business owner you need to get your business front and center. At Top SEO Results we specialize in local search marketing and have been helping local businesses grow for years!

Most people dont have the time to “play around” with seo marketing.  Their time is better spent running their business while we help them grow it.

Businesses need to use local search marketing tactics to make themselves more visible on the  major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. People have stopped using the Yellow Pages and now use digital methods to search for things this will open up your business to a much broader audience.

In the U.S. alone, there are approximately 16 billion search queries a month on the internet, according to Search Engine Watch. One out of five of those searches is local search related. Consumers who make geo-specific searches for an item or location are ready to purchase a product or service, so it is important to be prominently displayed on local search results to increase revenue.

Companies that want to successfully market their products or services locally must claim their local listings through the business centers of search engines.

We can get your business visible to your local customers in Google

What is Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO marketing is a marketing strategy that can be include both traditional as well as the internet,as part of a comprehensive plan that works to drive local traffic to a local “brick and mortar” businesses. These local markets are made up of customers that are located within a specific geographic region that the product or service is offered.

Why You Need Local Online Marketing?

In order to reach your local market, you need to have a comprehensive local online marketing plan.  A local SEO plan will “cast a net” out around your local area so that your website can be found by local internet searchers.  New customers are the life blood of any business, Local Search Marketing will deliver that new business!

What Do Local SEO Experts Do?

Our Local SEO Marketing Experts do a number of things to get top local rankings for your website.  They claim your Google+ Local page and optimize it specifically for your business along with other popular local profiles like Yahoo and Bing. If done incorrectly Google will penalize your website, so a huge part of what we do is make sure your page complies with Google’s guidelines so you don’t get penalized.

Local SEO Experts will also work on getting your website listed in local search directories to boost your websites reach and level of authority. They also research to find websites that your competitors are listed on and look for influential sites in your specific industry, and get you listed on them.

We also tune up your website for maximum local visibility.  Improving visibility starts with proper onsite SEO techniques. The quality of your website in general has become increasingly important to improving your local Google rankings over the last few years.

Are you keeping up with changes in local search marketing?

Local search marketing has changed and your company needs to change with it.  90% of online searches result in offline local bricks and mortar purchases.  Call us today for a free consultation!